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Life of an Average Eagle

Still Trying to Figure it All Out.
mother of a turtle.
Ojuanna | 20 | Texas | AXΣ
skins. Doctor Who (David Tennant). Criminal Minds (MGG/Shemar Moore). HIMYM. Harry Potter.
diversity welcome; Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran. Breaking Benjamin and Skillet and Framing Hanley. Macklemore, Lifehouse. Pentatonix, and Rascal Flatts.

I don't bite, usually.

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when ur absent from school and you ask the teacher to explain something and they just say ‘well you should have been here’


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"you were my coffee that kept me up all night, now you’re the alcohol ruining my life."

me. (via sarcasticlittlefuckk)



A glitch in the matrix

Not okay.







"It scares me to death to think that one day I might look back into my life and realize that I lived it painfully ordinary."

I scrolled for ten minutes after reading this and had to scroll all the way back, ‘cause damn. 

this made me happy ^


What goes through my mind alllll the damn time.

more here xx

"A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart."

Ed Sheeran (via faireyre)


There are so many fruits you haven’t tasted

so many beautiful songs you have not discovered

spices you’ve never heard of 

and intriguing conversations you haven’t had 

there are oceans you have not felt 

and plants you’ve never seen

books you’ve never read

and souls your heart has not touched

this Earth is incredible.

"It was misleading. Your shrug
and soft voice and the way
you were always there when I
turned around. I know kindness
doesn’t always mean interest
but our conversations always
sounded like an invitation and
then you introduced me to her."

anne, I thought you wanted me (via nicole-marie-lee)

"If you find someone who makes you smile,
Who checks up on you to see if you’re okay,
Who watches out for you and wants the very best for you,
Don’t let them go.
Keep them close and don’t take them for granted.
People like them are hard to find."

i suppose so (via ayyeitskennyy)

"People are dying from over thinking. They fill their brains with harsh thoughts and it brings the body down too. Chances are no one thinks as bad about you than you."

Unknown (via ohteenscanrelate)